Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


Oh ok thanks


can someone make an arkia isreal a321neo please:) ⚆ _ ⚆


You forgot to layer the tail design ;P


EDITED Tail failures


It isn’t actually named Air Force one, as any aircraft with the president is called Air Force One, it is actually named VC-25, and it is not a converted freighter


That’s what I called a redundant comment. I am just copying the livery, and not considering other things like name. Btw, there’s no such template in Med’s templates, if you didn’t read my description carefully, don’t comment.


So how is my comment redundant?


Because I have explained in my description ALREADY.


If you want to make a real livery then expect criticism


You are not criticising about the LIVERY. You are just criticising about the name (I don’t care actually), and model of this aircraft (explained in my description). I am seeking comments regarding the livery. The aforementioned Lufthansa b787-10 Tail problem is a good one.


If you don’t care why are you making a big deal about it…


Edited. Thanks for your comment.


The curve in the front and on the tail are off. but the colors are good.


I am not US citizen. Air Force One is what I only know.


Thank you and your comment is valued.


Again I want to say, before criticising, think whether you’re able to do that. If you can find a Boeing VC-25 template in .psd, you’ll be appreciated.


You have the ability to edit a template, you could have put the little fueling port on the front, also some of the stripes in the front aren’t connected.


Just make your own fuel port it isn’t that difficult. And don’t put a Cargo door that isn’t needed


It’s isnt even needed, it’s not on there. He could’ve gotten away with just using a 747-200 template that and re-engined it. VC-25 is based off of the 747-200B. Not a CF.