Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


@SimpleWaffles I changed it. It looks awesome! If you have further recommendations to make the post more beautiful, tell me!


Thank you! I love having it there!


Cathay Dragon A321-200
Aircraft Status: Active, Still In Service.
Age: 22 Years Old
Previous Operators: Airbus (F-WWIJ), (D-AVZC), (D-ASSE), Monarch (G-OZBC) and Dragonair. (Dragonair is Cathay Dragon).


No reg, AFKLM, the KLM logo on the engine and winglet are in the wrong place.


Here it is @AvV008!


(Template by med, livery by me)

@JAYLAF747 , your request migh be delayed, sorry, I am too busy this week, and probably I will have it for Friday, sorry.


Awesome, thanks


Any requests?


I am also taking requests. Just so y’all know.


I mainly focus on Asian airlines


Lufthansa Boeing 787-10
Med’s template, OF livery


What do you mean “redundant” critisim?


I think before giving suggestions to other people, we should consider the difficulty.


Like what I did in last livery, the British Airways A350, I think it’s quite perfect and somebody still threw a bunch of unreachable standards to me.


Can someone make a Air Vanuatu 747-8i?


Just saying, I took a look at the criticism and it wasn’t unreachable by any means. All you had to do was move the logo and find a more accurate tail (the real life one isn’t solid colors and has shading on it). If you want to really get into RWA liveries I suggest you take other people’s criticism instead of disregarding it. RWA liveries require accuracy and precision because otherwise it isn’t a real world airline livery, but rather a modified version. If you need help feel free to PM me I would be happy to help. Just remember to take criticism in a positive way. They are just trying to help you improve your livery. 😉


I appreciate your kindness but the tail is too difficult to imitate exactly what reality is. Again my appreciations to you!


If you had taken my suggestion and asked for help,


The tail wasn’t good tho, it wasn’t shiny


On Meds templates it says something like “includes winglet option.” How do I get that option?


Layers. You have to show and hide them