Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


there new livery please


Ok will do. It will be done later if not tomorrow.


What app do you recommend my budget is $0.00


What device do you use?


I made a new version of jetBlue a321neo called “jetBlue Cinnamon” to do Trans-Atlantic routes.


British Airways A350-900
Med’s template, OF livery


Alright so as a whole the livery looks nice, now there are some things to improve on. First thing, in my opinion, the front logos seem weird. You should bring the British Airways logo up next to the door. Secondly, the tail looks nice but you didn’t finish it, add some dark satin on top to get the dark in the middle, also the tail has some sort of white scrapes going down the tail. Otherwise, it looks nice.


To be honest, you can show me how to make a tail that meets your standard


What did you use to cut out the logos?


@OrientalFlyer look at the tail.


@Mell_Ijzerman @Olliebolliegamer and @Mika what do you all think of it?

Template by Med.


Backround eraser



Honestly, I can’t see a problem with the aircraft, the criticism seems redundant.


Amazing 😍 great work


Thank you! Now to do Team USA… And the others…


WOW great! thank you so much!


Thanks! I worked hard on it! Just asking,will you put that in the thread,I mean you don’t have to.


yeah, I’m working on it now


Some other changes are also included so it might take a bit longer


I know, but can you imitate it in PS?