Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2

  1. I can’t find a good quality photo with full tail on Google, so I use stamp in PS so there may be some weird things.
    1. I will change the colour soon
  2. No idea.


Just cut off the remainder of the tail.


Edited. Please have a look


For : @Bo_Page_m8

Feedback Appreciated :)


Good one. But remember squeeze the text vertically, very important


Engine logos could be lower and bigger.
Iberia needs to be flattened and brought forward.
Back of tail cuts off along the edge.
The white stripe should follow through the tail. It isn’t blocked off by the red.
Some windows need to be blocked out.
OW logo could be slightly bigger.
Forgot the name of the aircraft “Julio Romero de Torres”


Yes, that text was way to small for me to read perfectly to be honest, but thank you for the constructive feedback. Very much appreciated.


It isn’t that small…


My laptop has a very bright screen (even on 0% brightness) and I was exhausted after a long day at school. To be honest, I’ll redo this later on, but once again thanks for pointing out my errors… :)


They actually only accepted one. There is one in Russia without engine, and the other one… is… just…


Some of my favs from airlines painter

I know you guys will tell me about MEDS but I like airlines painter better


Yeah, you can use airlines painter, but it has low quality templates and has less variety then meds templates.


I know but I like the templates!
Thanks for understanding
Love your username lol


You can get the exact same templates from med as well.


Exact? Or better?


Exact and better.


But what I don’t get is the transparent part? I get transparent images but it doesn’t work


You have to use layers and you can still use images with white backgrounds and either use a clipping mask or resize it when necessary to remove the white background which comes with the logo.


Alright that I can do will try one with meds see how it goes


I’ve used airline painter for all my airline manager stuff, very useful!