Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


What editing software?


Autodesk Sketchbook


Idk just chose it


Ugh, never again with that AirFrance Tail.

Feedback very much appreciated.

Dirt effects by Nakima and BFS


Letter too small


But this is already nice!


Any requests?


Air canada express 757-200 mint green livery.


Could you please send me a photo?


It doesn’t exist, though I can give you a photo of the mint green




Will do, Expect it soon!


Will you stop requesting the same plane? Honestly, there is some serious issues on this thread regarding requests! Be respectful and don’t ask over and over again!


B-2871, the first Tu-204 cargo plane of Air China Cargo. The government wanted them to function similarly as the B757, they ordered three, but then regretted, and reluctantly accepted two, the other one still in Russia, with no engines installed.

The words are blurry I know. I did my best.


EDITED Version for @Randomguy12


  1. The Color of the stripes is too dark.
  2. The logo on the winglet needs to be smaller
  3. The reg font needs to be more spaced out in between characters.

Other than that It looks pretty good. Im sure @the777fan will have something more to say.


Remember when images or texts appear on the upper side of fuselage, they need to be more squeezed vertically.


Yeah, good point. I haven’t noticed that before.


1.There’s something weird going on with the tail at the bottom.
2.Also the door frames should be outlined in a tealish blue not a grey.
3.You also forgot to color in the winglets.
4. And something funky happened to the cockpit windows.

  1. I can’t find a good quality photo with full tail on Google, so I use stamp in PS so there may be some weird things.
    1. I will change the colour soon
  2. No idea.