Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


Hey, I mean, that’s true and all, but ya know what’s the best part of this thread? We can do whatever we want, sure gradients are super hard on real planes, but they also look awesome, and I don’t think too many peop,e have a huge focus on feasibility, or weather it can really happen. I mean there are all sorts of weird and wacky creations on here, and I bet @Thomas Ted to see a gradient on the plane, and I’m sure we all would since as you mentioned it doesn’t happen in real life. Also @Thomas amazing job on it, I actually really like the gradient, and how it all loops together, not just asteticly, but to the name, it looks fantastic! Now if I had to say one thing, the eingens look a little half finished to me, but that would be a cool plane to see…


The tail section looks similar to Etihad’s new livery in my opinion.


How do you get the new winglets for the A350?


Not smooth transition


This is Royal Empire Airlines. Established in 1957 in London, the airline has never had any fatal accidents or any fatalities on board one of their aircraft. Currently they operate the following:
3 737-MAX 8 (7 still to be delivered)
1 A340-500 (The one pictured)
5 787-8
3 787-9 (2 yet to be delivered)
1 747-8i (For special charter flights)
3 A320-NEO (17 yet to be delivered)
They currently have 10 A321-NEOs and 10 A350-900s on order.

The black and red on the tail were originally swapped around but I then realized that it looked like the German flag and this is a British airline.
Edit template by Med. Also what the heck happened to the tail?
Edit 2: Sorta fixed the tail. I didn’t save it as an xcf file soo… =/


Anchor Airs 2 787-8s have been delivered. We plan to do routes from Liverpool EGGP- to New York JFK KJFK and routes to Dubai from Liverpool.

Templates MED


I’m sorry, but that gradient is a rainbow, which is what is produced by a prism. I thought it would add a unique touch to my livery. It’s not like I’m putting a harsh, opaque, bright green to purple gradient across the whole fuselage. My “gradient” is transparent, and it represents the whole idea of my livery.


Got a livery done with GIMP

I know some work can be done but it looks decent. The tail was a real challenge but I worked around some of it.


Well it is finally complete! The tail took forever to do… I wanted to do a 747 but the layers got messed up.

Template by Med.


Still won’t look good in real life. But I guess you can do whatever you want…


Get that curved fixed


I’m working on a re-paint currently.


Yay can’t wait to see


You don’t need to be so aggressive to fix a curve let @MaksimFerguson do what he wants it’s his liveries not yours.


Saudia A330-800neo


I already told him and I wasn’t agressive


Saying this in that tone gives it aggression, plus if you told him already why would you say it again. You could also say some along the lines of ‘The curve could do with some work like I said in an early comment’.


Meds template Emirates A300


That is not layered and what happened to the tail?! Not bad though


Maybe you could do the front a300 letter smaller, and that tail… is a bit messy, I think you could erase the rest and make it better, but Good Job!