Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


I usually don’t either, but I was inspired by the Alaska “More to love” livery and really like the colors on this.


Do you like this EOS special livery?

(Template by med, livery by me)

Rate it please!!

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With the final season of GoT coming next year, here’s my tribute …


That mask, is amazing, you have an amazing talent for graphical design!


I have a few suggestions for you.

  1. In my opinion, a more realistic fleet would be something along the lines of 15 A320neos and 5 A330-900neos.
  2. change the engines to white, I think it’ll look a lot better.
  3. In my opinion, the line at the front of the colors should be going the other way, similar in angle to Allegiant’s new livery.
  4. Limit the winglet/sharklet to only the colors on the tail. That would be a bit of blue, but mostly purple.
  5. Make the Roanoke titles on the tail slightly smaller and move them forward a bit.

I am a bit of a detail freak, but I think this concept has some potential.

Clear skies and tailwinds!


Wow that’s good. Seeing there’s a white walker then you could add winter is coming lol.


He took the raccoon mask and erased the bits he didn’t need?


Yeah I’m saying it looks good!


That is amazing! You have a lot of skill @leftcoastwood.


Can’t believe we’re at 6000 posts already, good job guys! Keep up the great liveries!


Here’s one for some friends over on @Daniel_Cerritos community. Make sure to check them out here and maby join?


I think Walmart might have enough money to make an Air Cargo company. I did something similar a while back


I think the question is if they wanted to, I assume they would have if they wanted to, at least a small operation…


No, they wouldn’t last long, since FDX, AMZN, UPS are too big for them to compete with


Well, they can generate their own cargo needs because their a big brand.


That’s not that bad looking… I think you should submit it to them!


How would one go about that?


Two words: Customer Support. 😉😂


I really like this! However, I think the tail is a bit bland. I feel that the blue extends too far onto the fuselage and looks a tad unnatural. Also, I’d suggest adding a registration.
Good work overall though!


Get off the gradient train, they are impossible to paint correctly and usually end up looking like uneven bands of color. I can only think of some airplanes where gradients have been done well and its private jets (i.e. they spent a ton of money to make it look that good). Same goes for you @Mooberto