Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


It kinda does say B747-400 Domestic in bottom left hand corner.


You could’ve just used the raccoon mask but nice job nontheless
@BobbyRobert how do you invert on iOS.


Next time just use the neo mask it has in the first place. Secondly that looks really unrealistic. Logos to small to read from a distance. I can barely see it on my ipad forget irl from a distance. Thirdly that skier is really bad and brings nothing to it. You can look up skier .png and get that image. Lastly, although I’m sure there is far more other will say, that flow between the tail and fuselage is bad. It flow at all and that’s something no airlines would do. They always have it flow


Arrived back at East Midlands Airport

The CRJ-900 after completing 2 round trips between London Stansted and Manchester has flown back to East Midlands airport to finish getting cleaned.

Template by MED
Livery by ME


It said 400 though on the fuselage and I only read that


Welcome a new airline!

My new airline is here, Prism! This is their first aircraft, the A320NEO. If you guys have any improvements to the livery let me know! I’m always open to criticism!

Template: Med


In my opinion, the gray and blacks are not great. However, I really love the overall design!


Thanks for the feedback! The grey triangles are supposed to represent glass, like a prism. Which is why the rainbow is coming out of it!


gotcha. Nice one!


It says -400D look extremely carefully


I don’t really like the green stuff in the back of the fuselage, dosnt really fit right. I love the tail!!! Nice job overall!


Do you mean behind all the triangles? I’ll see if I can fix that. I think that’s part of the rainbow going too far. I’ll make sure to fix that next time.


Yeah, thanks for fixing it :)


Sorry guys,ANA 747 is delayed,expect it by Saturday.


I do agree with you on most points here. Can you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by the flow is bad? Is it just not a smooth transition or something else?


Stratus Airways 787-10!


Does anyone have a livery request?


I was not able…

Air austral a350 please


Can someone with Autodesk Sketchbook PM me?


Made a fictional airline called Roanoke. It is a subsidiary of Frontier that operates specifically in the Northeast United States. They have a fleet of 25 A320NEOs and 2 A330-800NEOs. Each plane has a dedicated state at the front. The 2 A330s are used for flights to Europe while the A320s are strictly domestic.

A320NEO Reg N341RK “West Virgina”

A330-800NEO Reg N314RK “North Carolina”

Credit of MED for the templates