Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


one second, my bad, your airline is titled Nippon while mine is titled Nihon, carry on please, sorry for the mistake.


Read it. It was already dirty. It’s months old. It had a really rainy flight to CDG its self once!


The back but of the fuselage is beautiful (including tail) but the front is quite baldn imo. I don’t like the font and the shade of grey could be a bit lighter. Also the background is distracting. But I do think the brand is cool.


What? You never said anything about it in the post!


Well I decided to create a fictional low cost airline named “Joy Jet”. It is based at Nagoya Chubu Centrair International Airport,and will compete with Jetstar Japan,Starflyer,and AirAsia Japan. The tail could use some work and realized I forgot the registration. Tell me your opinions. The ANA 747 is coming soon.
Template by Med.


Seems like the thread is kind of starting to become a Virtual Airline thread. But here’s a Delta A330-900 for you!

Indeed, forgot the engines.


The engines are usually blue, but I guess alittle change won’t hurt


I would appreciate if no one would bring me back to this


Volaris A330


Lol it looks like it says Boeing 747-4000 on the fuselage.

I like the livery a lot


Oh, yeah but that is because I don’t want it to be too big across the rear of the fuselage, Thanks anyway.


Also why is there no winglet


Because the 747-400 isnt required to have one, a good example is JAL’s 747-400s.


For what? If it is the Oriental 747, the -400D is a special type that doesn’t have winglets.


Boeing didn’t add winglets on the B744Ds as firstly the plane has less range and has a greater capacity for short haul routes, it also has 4 extra windows on the top deck which I don’t know why. But the aircrafts main operator where ANA and JAL and for use in Japan.


That looks good, but I think it would look even better if the stem was thicker. 👍🏻


Hey does anyone have tips for autodesk sketchbook and can PM me? Thanks.


What do you need in Sketchbook? Because that’s a pretty broad question…


This: (meds template) I want to prevent it.


Just erase everything around the plane