Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


Alpine logo reveal



  • Airbus A330-800neo x3

  • Airbus A320neo x5

  • Airbus A321 x11

Hubs: Milan, Zurich


Europe: London Gatwick-United Kingdom, Vienna-Austria,Prague-Czechia,Bucharest-Romania,Tirana-Albania,Rome-Italy,Cagliari-France,Ajaccio-France,Palma-Spain,Nantes-France

North America: New York JFK-United States, Ottawa-Canada, Washington Dulles-United States, Los Angeles-United States, San Jose-United States, Orlando-United States, Dallas-United States, Minneapolis-United States, Panama City-Panama, Port of Spain-Trinidad and Tobago

Asia: Dubai-United Arab Emirates, Riyadh-Saudi Arabia, Muscat-Oman, Baku-Azerbaijan, Mumbai-India, New Delhi-India, Male’-Maldives, Singapore-Singapore, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia, Jakarta-Indonesia, Brunei-Brunei, Hong Kong-China, Shanghai-China, Beijing-China, Seoul-South Korea, Tokyo-Japan, Sapporo-Japan.

Planned Routes: Istanbul new airport-Turkey, Moscow Domodedovo-Russia, Warsaw-Poland, Stockholm-Sweden, Oslo-Norway, Helsinki-Finland, Berlin-Germany, Cologne-Germany, Luxembourg City-Luxembourg, Amsterdam-Netherlands, Brussels-Belgium, Cairo-Egypt, Casablanca-Morocco, Santa Cruz de Tenerife-Spain

First A320neo livery coming soon.
Feedback is appreciated.


(Added unity alliance logo)


Nihon Airways News

Nihon airways would like to formally welcome AirCalifornia into Unity Alliance. We are very excited. Below we see an aging Nihon A340-300, kept in pristine condition, the A340 will be retired soon as Nihon obtains more and more A350’s. Template By MED All media is property of Unity Alliance Group.


Hey, I need some help with auto desk sketchbook, can someone PM me with tips and stuff?


Canadair has made a new brand for competing in the USA LCC market called Air Advance. It operates 20 A320NEOs. Meds template


You spelled Advanced wrong, I hope you know.


Well crap 😂 BRB


I will edit post. Changed name to Air Advance


I like the logo, but you should make the titles in a “normal” font, tbh.


In 2016 Nippon Domestic unveiled a new look, along with expressing interest in joining an airline alliance. They also announced an order for 11 new 767-400ERs, to continue domestic operations. As such, all of the 787s and 747-8is that the Nippon Airways Group had ordered would go to Nippon Airways and their long haul destinations.


Im sorry to say, but i have already claimed the “Nippon Airways” brand and title and need to ask you to change your Airline’s name to something else. Please refer to my post 4 days ago, Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2 which was released hours before your livery. I am once again kindly requesting you to change your groups title.


Please look above yours for my 747 that I posted.

Just 15 days ago. I’m afraid that I was actually first.


one second, my bad, your airline is titled Nippon while mine is titled Nihon, carry on please, sorry for the mistake.


Read it. It was already dirty. It’s months old. It had a really rainy flight to CDG its self once!


The back but of the fuselage is beautiful (including tail) but the front is quite baldn imo. I don’t like the font and the shade of grey could be a bit lighter. Also the background is distracting. But I do think the brand is cool.


What? You never said anything about it in the post!


Well I decided to create a fictional low cost airline named “Joy Jet”. It is based at Nagoya Chubu Centrair International Airport,and will compete with Jetstar Japan,Starflyer,and AirAsia Japan. The tail could use some work and realized I forgot the registration. Tell me your opinions. The ANA 747 is coming soon.
Template by Med.


Seems like the thread is kind of starting to become a Virtual Airline thread. But here’s a Delta A330-900 for you!

Indeed, forgot the engines.


The engines are usually blue, but I guess alittle change won’t hurt


I would appreciate if no one would bring me back to this