Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


Yep, or whatever the last one is.



I see it now, thanks!


No problem, happy to help!


A little harsh, no?


If only I was able to log into airline empires and get the templates. :(


This is actually a really amazing livery. Great job.


Why can’t you log on?


My first RWA and 2nd time making a plane! Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F in the new livery! Please leave feedback.

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Any suggestions please?

What can I do next?


A United A330-300 with GE engines?


I will try…


Landing At The Local Painting Hub

A FlyLocal CRJ-900 landed at East Midlands Airport to get cleaned but left like this! As you can see, the tail and engine have been completely cleaned and painted white!!

It is still in the old livery.

Template by MED
Livery By ME


Can someone please make this livery for the Airbus A319. I appreciate it so much



? It is right there @BosnianAviation


That is a A319.


Ameri-Jet was an airline with it’s main hub at JFK Int’l Airport. They began operations in 1968 with 2 Dc-9s. they also ordered 10 747-100s to fly to Europe. The filed for bankruptcy in March 2006 and was merged into Northwest Airlines. They ordered 20 737-800s, 15 737-900ERs and 12 737-700s. This was their livery from 1978 to 2001.

Note: Any similarities to an airline on AE or here is purely coincidental. I did take a little bit from the Aeromexico livery though. Template by Med.




A FlyLocal Airbus A220-100 has lost contact with ATC on its way to CDG. It lost contact over the English Channel on its flight from London Stansted.


Currently the plane wreckage has not been found and no survivors have been found yet.

More updates coming soon…



Don’t they have radar like the whole way across there?


It lost contact with ATC the plane was still on radar but not responding


Oriental Airlines
Oriental Airlines has a fleet of 2 B747-400 Domestics which used to operate for JAL and ANA before joining the Oriental fleet 6 yrs ago from JAL and the EX - ANA B744D joined 7 yrs ago. These planes always fly to Beijing and Shanghai out of Guangzhou. There is also more news on Oriental’s new hub in Hong Kong is that it is scheduled to be opened two days before Christmas Day.