Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


For your convenience, that is Ascend and UnityAlliance.


Thanks guys. Right now I’m more worried about getting my VA(???) off the ground and eaven getting it a good livery, then I’ll work on that, but thanks!


So after last night/ this morning’s debacle. I have redone Air California’s livery. Anyways, now. I present to you the newest member of the Unity Alliance, Air California!


This was the logo of BluSky and there as still 5 members.


Hang on. @JerryC I’m not the only one making that alliance and will be in that alliance. Quite frankly I find it quite evil how ur technically telling everyone not to join my alliance - which is actually pretty nasty believe it or not.

To add, it was formed months ago.


I will eb keaving blu sky alloance because i dont feel like its stable anymore and i dont really like this alliance stuff everyones doing.


Everyone but 5 has already left though. There r now 4


Im not trying to be a nasty person if byt i just dont wnat to be in any alliance at 5e moment.


I understand that


Any more suggestions?

What can I do next?

i have run out of ideas…


Can we just forget the Alliance mishaps it’s nearly been continued for 2 days plus I don’t see why everyone needs to leave Blu Sky when I left, that kinda shows many airlines within Blu Sky relied on Skywind anyway let’s just forget about it now.


Could you do a B763 with Winglets but with the rear half painted like on ZK-OKR

Photo from


How did you get the curve


Try to do the Qantas flying kangaroo

Credit photo


I just did it ;)

Credits on image


Poll o’clock!

  • JAL Boeing 747-400D
  • ANA Boeing 747-400D

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Also any other suggestions?


Again, I don’t wanna roast you, but

meds templates please :)

Nice job though, love the blue stripe!


I know, that one (the E145) med doesn’t have, that’s the reason…


Yes he does, just scroll to the second page


Second page? It’s not under Embrer…