Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


What do you mean by this @JerryC? Can you explain how the airline within this thread works maby? I’ve seen a few alliances, and I’m pretty confused.


You’re fine. We’re fine, there is one person that is doing this.


But byond that disagreement what is the point of joining an alliance since we are just creating liveries…


Ok so clarification on the Alliances.


Members - @JAYLAF747 (Oriental and Skywind) and @the777fan (WIP) and myself with Nihon Airways

2. Ascend


members Too many to count


Blu Sky (No logo provided)
(Now defunct due to all members leaving)


Work In Progress By @ThePraetorian and @itri_Py2


Ok, so cool, they exist, but what’s the point?


So in the world of Fantasy FA’s we like to pretend that we are CEO’s of real Airlines. And so, we do the things CEO’s would do.

  • Invest in other airlines
  • Join Alliances
  • Consider Revamps and route changes
  • Ect.

And so the Design your own airline part is really about being a savvy buisnessman.


How would one go about joining one?


Hard, tough process. Ascend, which Cayden and I control, has already capped off. Unless you are so amazing that we can’t say no, we say no. UnityAlliance might be a good choice, contact @Darpan, and I don’t think you wanna join Praetorian’s alliance, since the last one was established three weeks before going defunct.


PitAir is officially starting servace to several reagonal destinations near Pittsburgh tomorrow with leased Emberar ERJ-145 from OneJet while they restructure. We have several aircraft on order to expand our operation, and make our selves independent. Those aircraft will be announced shortly.


Air New Zealand L1011!
Template by Med.


Members of Ascend:
BlueWing(US), SHWing(affiliate)(China)(WIP), Metro(US), (me)
Britannia(UK), Anchor (affiliate)(UK)(@MaksimFerguson), MexJet(Mexico), Mojave (affiliate)(US) @ollywhxte
JetAmerica(US), VolFrancais(France), Sunset(Honduras), Horizon(Hawaii) (@Cayden_Smith)
Newfair(Canada) (@HockeyMan06)
Global(US), Hemisphere Cargo(US/Canada), Mediterranair(Italy) (@Captain-Daniel)
Umisora(Japan) (@the777fan)
Asmaan(India) (@Darpan)
As you can see, there is a lot of airlines, and some of us, although we have airlines in Ascend, also have airlines in other alliances, for example, @Darpan’s Nihon, although it is amazing, it conflicts with Umisora, thus it is in its own alliance. So we’re really trying to keep things realistic.


I’m just going to sit here, and nod my head like I understand…


If you want to get into an alliance, I would recommend creating a Fictional Airline with a rich history and cool livery. Then approach an alliance executive listed by @JerryC, and they will probably let you in.


For your convenience, that is Ascend and UnityAlliance.


Thanks guys. Right now I’m more worried about getting my VA(???) off the ground and eaven getting it a good livery, then I’ll work on that, but thanks!


So after last night/ this morning’s debacle. I have redone Air California’s livery. Anyways, now. I present to you the newest member of the Unity Alliance, Air California!


This was the logo of BluSky and there as still 5 members.


Hang on. @JerryC I’m not the only one making that alliance and will be in that alliance. Quite frankly I find it quite evil how ur technically telling everyone not to join my alliance - which is actually pretty nasty believe it or not.

To add, it was formed months ago.


I will eb keaving blu sky alloance because i dont feel like its stable anymore and i dont really like this alliance stuff everyones doing.


Everyone but 5 has already left though. There r now 4