Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


Food For Thought

It has been confirmed that A new alliance is being developed and that we could see some airlines joining.

EDIT: Those is who are interested please pm me.


Oriental Airlines News
Oriental Airlines has sent their B777-300ER (B-7824) to Nihon Airways giant painting facility, the plane operated a flight to NRT as ORA 364, before being ferried for painting. However Skywind’s selected aircraft is still on its way after departing LHR. Anyway here is B-7824.


I agree, it’s a shame people rip off others work like that. How petty.


Okay, well in my case. It wasn’t out of pettiness, and I apologized for it already.


The 738 is the main aircraft in the everGreen fleet. This aircraft, N345EV, was delivered to everGreen in May 2016.


Wow, that’s pretty cool! I love the subtle gradient on the tail in between the lines!


Here you have it @LAB-Designs

British Airways a340-500 landor livery

(Template by med, livery by me)


Coincidence or not…?


I don’t think so…

Just is similar on the color…


Wait. Cascadian is yours?! OMDS I LOVE CASCADIAN!!!


Skywind Airlines Update
Skywind’s B747-400 (G-SJMB) arrived at Tokyo Heneda Airport just a couple hours ago and was ferried to the Nihon Airways painting facility to be painted in the new Unity Alliance livery. The livery had to be changed especially the swoop from the tail to the fuselage and it was removed to make space for the logo of Unity, since this is the special logo jet.


Coincidence? The only similar thing is dark green and kind of a tree…


The public has spoken!

The official logo of North Star has been chosen.


In other news……

North Star has chosen Fort Lauderdale as their official base. Also, North Star has placed an order for 25 Embraer-E175s, with the first of the type expecting to be delivered by the end of 2018.

That is all.


PitAir has announced that it will being operations later this week. It’s first aircraft will be two ERJ 145s leases from One Jet whilst they do there restructure.


What are ya doing @Darpan ya been replying for like 10 muinets… 😂

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I never stop typing.



A new airline is formed headquartered in Milan, Italy. It is named Alpine and along with it comes its subsidiary, Alpine Cargo. They will be releasing their logo tomorrow along with fleet composition.

If anyone has any experience in creating seat maps for aircraft or doing the reflection effect in Adobe Photoshop and is willing to explain it to me, it would be wonderful if you could DM me. Thank you.


Hold on. You’re saying that you’re creating an alliance in which ALL THE AIRLINES ARE OWNED BY YOU!!!


Tweet from Ascend Alliance Co-Owner
We are too tired. Alliances like BluSky, which is owned by the same person that owns most, if not all of the airlines within, try to start a fight with one of the best alliances in this world, consisting of airlines from Europe, Asia, United States and pretty much everywhere. This is not beneficial for everyone. Now he is trying to start another alliance, which is pretty much just BluSky with another name just for the sake of it. Why couldn’t he just stick with having a group? Wow.
This message does not come from Ascend Official, it’s just my own opinion.


What do you mean by this @JerryC? Can you explain how the airline within this thread works maby? I’ve seen a few alliances, and I’m pretty confused.