Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


Do any of the applications you use have a shape tool?
If so, use those, they will give you much more precision and fine lines that don’t look like a marker.


Why do you need another subsidiary? Their are way to many already.

It should be like this:
Fly Local.

And that’s it, it’s your FA though.


The Star Alliance logo should be higher up on the tail, and the Star Alliance logo ahead of L1 needs to be bigger.



The CEO of North Star has opened up a voting poll to the public on the airlines website for the next logo of the airline.

“A fresh look from the paint hangars will draw some attention to this airline.” - said CEO.

Vote Down Below!! 👇👇

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Polls close Monday evening.


Gotta be honest, all but #1 looks like an airline logo
#1 no copy
#2 it looks like Allegheny airlines,
#3 Looks like sunwing
#4 meh.
#5 air transit
#6 American Airlines


Qantas concept livery
Template: Med


See now Star Alliance would never accept FlyLocal in the first place. And also, please don’t bring real world alliance into this!


It’s good, although replacing the brown with black would go better together in my opinion. :)


I mean, no virtual airline alliance on IFC should spark fight with Ascend, cuz see what just happened?


I agree, I feel like black would look better


I love it!I would love to see a Jetblue livery thst someone can create


What brown… it is suppose to be gold


This is what the black looks like


I like that, looks aggressive.


Here is a sneak peak of what I am currently working on sorry for the lack of quality image


I like that black more. 🤷‍♂️


I agree lol


So here’s a question for you guys, I want to make a JetBlue Pittsburgh livery to “celebrate” I suppose them dropping the Pittsburgh-Ft. Laudable flight, so here are my ideas, I want to know what you want to see.

  • Make a special tail
  • Make a livery like there NYFD, or Jets liveries, but with a Pittsburgh theam
  • Make a regular plane with some special note, or logo (like I did on China Eastern)
  • Go all out, all the bells and whistles (some combo of all 3)

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(Poll closes November 5, 2018 8:00 PM)


Nihon Airways News

The leave of skywind from Blu Sky, was heavily encouraged by Nihon Airways. The airline that made record profits in the last quarter convinced both Oriental and Skywind to join them to create a new alliance. This is how Unity was formed. Skywind, Oriental, and Nihon all sent one of their planes to Nihon’s giant painting facility. All three planes were painted together with them coming out of the paint hanger also together. Nihon airway’s livery was modified to a more conservative look to make space for the Unity Alliance logo in the aft section of the aircraft. Both the skywind and oriental liveries will be displayed here some time soon. Template by MED. Skywind and oriental are property of @JAYLAF747 and were used with his consent. Also be on the lookout for more additions to Unity Alliance Most likely an american Airline but i never said anything


Mendoowoorrji - Boeing 737-800
Template: Med