Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


Quite the chain of events.


What do you mean it was my fault?


Technically, we aren’t supposed to use RWA aliances for our Fictional Airlines. I would recommend making your own Alliance with other members here on the IFC. If it doesn’t work out you can attempt to join Ascend or mine and @JAYLAF747’s. But typically we don’t use RWA alliances.


Canadair has interduced 25 747-8 freighters for cargo service. Meds template.


I would recommend changing the backdrop to a white or gray so that the aircraft is more visible.


Really doesn’t look good. Too much blue.


The blue background if taken off, would reveal all the flaws, like this:


just fix the flaws.


Then just remove the flaws?


I’m not some graphic designer. I can’t easily do this.


What are you using to edit?


I use pixelmator, but certain planes have to many layers so I have to use sketchbook for those. Also, I made a Thai A300. Meds template.


It was your fault because you were the one who waged “war” on Ascend.


Just select the plane and copy and paste


Do any of the applications you use have a shape tool?
If so, use those, they will give you much more precision and fine lines that don’t look like a marker.


Why do you need another subsidiary? Their are way to many already.

It should be like this:
Fly Local.

And that’s it, it’s your FA though.


The Star Alliance logo should be higher up on the tail, and the Star Alliance logo ahead of L1 needs to be bigger.



The CEO of North Star has opened up a voting poll to the public on the airlines website for the next logo of the airline.

“A fresh look from the paint hangars will draw some attention to this airline.” - said CEO.

Vote Down Below!! 👇👇

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Polls close Monday evening.


Gotta be honest, all but #1 looks like an airline logo
#1 no copy
#2 it looks like Allegheny airlines,
#3 Looks like sunwing
#4 meh.
#5 air transit
#6 American Airlines


Qantas concept livery
Template: Med