Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


Something Happened To BritishSkies?

The British Skies Boeing 737-900ER hasn’t been painted fully!

Why is that?!

Template by MED
Livery by ME


Pretty simple little paint job, but this would be great to see on the China Flights here…

Credit Med


It looks as if you haven’t layered the text on the fuselage or the logo on the tail. You also forgot to credit Medviation for the template.


Ya right. I suppose it was so simple I forgot the simple things. Thanks for pointing that out…

(Also, yes credit is to Med…)


Ramping Up Competition With Anchor Air! War Could Be Coming…

After snubbing FlyLocal 3 times for a codeshare they have decided to go all out in competition. They have ordered 10 more A220’s but not the -100 variant. The -300 variant! The 25 Dash 8 Q400’s FlyXEG was supposed to recieve will be going to a new airline called LocalLink. FlyLocal has now launched daily flights using their A220-100’s from London Stansted and London City Airport To Blackpool. This will seriously damage Anchor Air’s (@MaksimFerguson) business. This could mean war though as Britannia Airlines (@ollywhxte) has a 50% share in them. That could bring a battle between Ascend Alliance and BluSky alliance. But Brittania can’t do too much as Anchor Air are still quite small and susceptible to going bankrupt quickly.

Livery by ME
Designed By @Cayden_Smith


I’ve got a request for anyone who’s bored: BA A340-500 in Landor livery please?


Ascend Alliance will not be taking part in a war because we beat BluSky alliance any-day. Anchor Airlines has now acquired two B787-8 dreamliners and will be using them on long-haul. Britannia is going to be ordering another 10 CS100s in which 5 will be going to Anchor Air. Your move will not hurt Anchor Air much.


I will try to do it!

(I will have it for tomorrow November 5, 2018 6:30 PM approximately)


Bye Bye to the Twotter

FlyBe have bought all 5 DHC-6s from Anchor Air at a reduced price under agreement that they keep all remaining Anchor Air logos.

Anchor Air plans to use this money to extend out connections.


The New Airline LocalLink!

LocalLink is a small regional airline based at LCY. Their current fleet consists of the 4 Saab2000’s from XEG CityFlyer.

Template by MED
Livery by ME


Just redid the 753

Livery by me
A Med template


Skywind Airlines News
It has come to the attention of the Skywind Airlines CEO that the initiation of a alliance ‘War’ between Ascend and Blu Sky, will affect the financial health as well as routes and connections for Skywind. They have come to the conclusion of leaving the Blu Sky alliance. This is come as a surprise as Skywind Airlines was a co-founder of this alliance. This alliance ‘war’ isn’t the best way for Skywind to continue operating in. As an alternative, Skywind has become interested in forming a new alliance between Nihon Airways and Oriental Airlines to expand their global reach. More updates will come later.
All aircrafts within the Skywind fleet that has the Blu Sky livery will be debranded and repainted into their standard issue livery.

Oriental Airlines

Nihon Airways

Nihon Airways approved by @Darpan


The war was cancelled?!


I guess not. :)


It was never cancelled just a group of airlines that don’t want to be part are making their own alliances to leave blu sky and ascend to go at it.



Minutes after Skywind Airlines announced their leave of BluSky - AlbaFly, FlyLocal, NorthMaple, LocalLink, Atmosfere (Previously HighJet) and PRAETEX AIR have all announced their leave from BluSky. @ThePraetorian has still kept his share in the airline though.


Just make your own?

The CEO of Praetex Air has announced they, alongside NorthMaple, Atmosfere, AlbaFly, LocalLink and FlyLocal will be working together and will be working on an alliance. It is not open to other airlines but only open to airlines that are partly owned by any of the airlines. That means everGreen (@itri_Py2) can join. Also GermanJet (@Redrado). The more likely chance is them all joining Star Alliance.


The everGreen Group has officially left BluSky. They have joined Star Alliance. They have removed the BluSky logos from all planes, and replaced them with Star Alliance stickers.


Why has everybody left? Just because one of your members has left? Shows how unstable the alliance was.


Well the majority of members belonged to @ThePraetorian so it would be no surprise that the alliance was unstable in the first place. This was quite the falling out.