Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2

You can create your own livery? Im new so I dont know much 😂


Yes you can try and create your own aircraft. If you are up for the challenge!

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I’d really like to eventually get a better program and start making liveries.
@Darpan sure, you may have made better liveries, but that’s still really good!
Also, isn’t it spelled “Oceania”? If you’re doing your own spelling though, that’s cool.

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Making your own aircraft is a challenge, making your own airline is somewhat a challenge if you take into account the logistics and depending on the amount of realism.

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YES! KSJC!!! I love this airline! :D


oof. It is spelled oceania. Lol Ill fix that. If you are looking on iOS i would reccomend pixelmator if you have a ipad pro or above. For Mac photoshop or pixelmator for mac. And for Windows photoshop, or

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I think it’s pronounced Oh-she-ana. I also have my own airline Oceana which happened to be my first original airline.

Its actually still a WIP, this is the new logo I made for it


I know that’s how it’s pronounced, I just thought it was spelled differently. I’m sure both spellings are probably correct.
That’s a cool logo design! I like it!

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Lol now there’s an Oh-shee-ana and an Ay-shee-ana. I can just imagine the confusion if we ever land at their hub.

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Air Baltic A320neo

Template from med


A new airline has been formed in the US.

The airlines name, evergreen airways

They unveiled their fleet of Boeing 737s and A220s today!
Here is their retro livery, they used to operate and they are giving a nod to the old airline with this airline

They will operate out of Portland and Salt Lake City, using a LCC model with free WiFi and a modern interior with comfy seats.


Template by FlyHighAviator


It’s a retro livery, should make that more obvious, thanks for the support!

Try using a lighter shade of green and using multiple colors to make stripes over the windows. (Similar to singapore airlines)

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I agree, I feel that would make it more interesting.


Delta receives a lot of older planes. So it was a thought, and Hawaiian is giving back their 767’s to United so I thought it could be a possibility, but RAM or freighter is more likely. :)

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  • Fly Coast
  • Coastal Airlines

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Thinking of making my own airline

I would put something else in the tail too. It looks a bit bare.

Instead of “Fly Coast” I would make it a Coastal Airlines special livery but instead of “Fly Coast”, maybe it could be “Fly The Coast”?

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