Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


True. None of them actually exist lol


Yeah I know hence why I put this,


You’ve just slapped a couple of pictures on. Boring.


Hey There!

While we do appreciate your livery today, I have some suggestions. Maybe the fuselage could be a bit more colorful (spice it up 😁). And you could have Apple written on it. As for the tail, you could do a silver Apple logo stretching across the tail.

You don’t have to do this, but it will look much better in my opinion.


Thanks for giving me ways to improve! I’ll try better next time.


Hey there😁!
This airplane is the first maskargo I made for my life myself!!;-)

  • Airasia A340
  • EasyJet A330X
  • Thai airways 777X
  • Lufthansa new livery 77F

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I will make for @!


looks Ok try and lift the Maskargo logo up a bit so we can see the rest of writing.


Someone try this!(it is photoshopped like the “Swiss Incident”)


Lol in real life N1786A is a Cessna 172…


A330X isn’t an aircraft also tell us what variant of each plane and it would be 77X if the other one is 77F


The logo is in a terrible place.


Where can i find 777x and A330-800 templates?
I use pixelmator on iOS

Scroll to the bottom and you’ll find both.


This might seem harsh but it might not just be me thinking it but all the advice we give you doesn’t seem to help. What the most annoying thing is that your say ‘I will fix that for next time’ but you don’t instead you move onto another livery despite the fact that we are trying to help you progress. This is my opinion and mine only but I don’t see any improvement in your liveries and again in my opinion they don’t aesthetically pleasing.


That’s exactly what u said last time


What do you mean I’ve never said anything like this before must of been someone else that I haven’t seen.


Peach x Great Lakes Airways
Template by Med, if you would like to become a designer for our virtual airline, feel free to PM.


Something that just caught my eye where is the credit of the template creator (Med). How many times do we have to tell you. Dude just listen to us for once. Its not just me but everyone is starting to get annoyed with you not giving credit.


I agree with you I have also said this