Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


Wow @JerryC what a way to welcome someone as that was their first post in the community.

@AvV008 don’t worry and welcome. We are glad you had a look at this thread and hope that you had the chance to read the opening statement details for this thread. I’ve linked the initial topic post so that you can review it to have a better understanding.


He does have a point, I’ve never heard of any of those.


The 747-600x is a design made by Boeing that never went to production. Think of it as a 747-8 length airplane, but with similar structure and engines as the -400.


Seriously, you are gonna rage over him saying “Alaskan” instead of “Alaska”? You are taking yourself way too seriously.


That is a really interestingly weird concept to think about to be honest would of been interesting to see flying to say the least


Aegean A350

Template by MED


I had a conversation with @Levet about my current post.
I’m not going to disclose much details, but here’s what I will say.
From the perspective of us good livery creators, it seems like the mods are sugarcoating everything. Today, I change my perspective.
I will speak on behalf of the mods today.
Everyone’s posts are truly appreciated, some more than others.
Some of the bad liveries are already deleted by the mods. The bar is set high, and everyone, mods, livery creators, viewers, want the same thing.
So I know things I said are not good at all. But I will, at least try my hardest, to change that.
Hi @AvV008, I don’t think there is a 747-600X. Did you mean a 747-8? Also, I think the 747SP is not the DreamLiner, it was referred to as the LuxuryLiner by American Airlines though. You probably meant the 787 series.


Theirs a Dj’s Aviation video on that topic I think, it’s pretty interesting.


Simple yet eloquently said @JerryC . Can’t wait to see everyone’s contributions from here on out. Seeing creativity and ideas come to light via the pictures posted makes all of your efforts worthwhile showing talent, courage and determination to showcase new things for the community to see.


After thinking for a little while, and reading what @Levet said, I’ve decided I’m going to be coming back to this thread. I decided I left for all the wrong reasons so I will be posting all my liveries from here on out on here, my Instagram, and my YouTube


Iberia 744 in the New Livery ain’t this a beauty!

Template: Med
Livery: Me

Here is the time-lapse for it:


I’ve never watched your timelapses before, that was amazing! What app do you use?
Forgive me if it’s obvious, I’d just like to know :)


Hey guys, back from a break of making liveries. Here is an Apple Executive Jet with a “pre-order iPhone Xs on 9-14-18” decal on it. Template by med


No apologies necessary! I use Pixelmator on my iPad Pro


Thanks! Much appreciated.


Of course! If you get it let me know I can help you with it!


Do you use the Apple Pencil?


Yep helps a lot with the finer details


Ok. I’ll have to try mine. I’m having trouble getting templates because I can’t log on to the fourm.


Yeah the Chinese is a bit wrong I think.