Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


I look at pictures and a B777-300ER model I had and pretended it was the -300.


Yes it most definitely was, SWISS never ordered any ever. If they did a simple google search of “SWISS 747-8 order” would pop up either them cancelling, deferring, ordering them, or nothing at all except photoshops


Something called leaving the rest of the planes alone. Just because there are other real planes in the vicinity doesn’t mean it wasn’t photoshopped.




Template by Med


The Swiss 747-8 gave it away.


You can always use that amazing thing called Google. Swiss never even considered the 747-8.


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Guys can we get back on topic and stop debating about whether it was photoshopped or not


what progam do you use?:-I


This partypine livery.

Made by:@Supersbad


just it 4ever!


There is a breaking news in row two!!:-(I


Thank you, have taken in your thoughts and removed the flower.


Only if Virgin Australia Chose the A320neo


Please refrain from using breaking news


Pixelmator for iOS, it costs money but its good.


Just now, or have you already been using it


This Turkish aircraft never seen before!

I made it.
Thank you med!


Everyone pls credit the template @Supersbad you are a big culprit of this and @Bazilpokie_Nose


Yeah @Supersbad I agree with @ThePraetorian you really need start giving credit to the template creator (Med).