Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


I don’t like where the logo is


Someone try this beauty 😏(spotted at Paine Field but got given away,registration unconfirmed)


Good but the blue is to light but ok.


Nice which program do u use 👍🏾?


Give me a livery request!!!;-)


Hey! I like how you changed colors and gave them a dirrent shape. However, the flybe logo and “faster than road or rail’ are a bit located in spots that make them look like they’ve been dropped there.


Looks like I’m late to the 9/11 757, sorry…
@the777fan you gotta get me that American logo with the white outline!


Thank you, I use Photoshop.


Wait, are SWISS getting 747-8s???

That’s a first!


No, it’s just a photoshop 😊


Ohhhhhh! That’s clever tho he had me fooled!


Haha sure thing. Spent most of my day making all four lol.


Thats not real. Im pretty sure it was photoshoped.


Emirates B777-300
Aircraft Status: Withdrawn from Use by Emirates, Stored and awaiting delivery to Cathay Pacific

Emirates are actually starting to retire their B777-300 fleet. The -300 not the -300ER

Livery done by myself.
Dirt effects by Namika and BFS.
Template by Med.


Thanks for the feedback, greatly appreciated!


No problem happy to help.


Holiday Air Low-cost Airline. I was asked by someone to make decals for this so wanted to see how they looked on Aircraft templates.


I could see this actually happening.

Please get rid of the flower on the engine tho!!!


Honestly, not bad…
I agree that you should remove the engine flower, and maybe a different font.


Where/ How did you do that tail? I can’t seem to figure it out