Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


Only thing is the engine color, should be brighter and more vibrant, others that that it is excellent!


Seems a bit bland on the tail in my opinion, and the cockpit windows were colored in. Plus, the background blends in with the body making it look like 1 big blob.


N36NE New England Patriots 767-300


Great Job! I really see the quality being put into your liveries.


Thank you! I appreciate it.


I just want to say that the name of this thread actually allows and encourages this.


I can honestly not read the Stratus. It blends in too much, and is too thin.


Sorry. I’m trying to get the blending right


Delta 767-300

Enjoying It’s Last Years Until Retirement.

Template By Med
Livery By @Darpan_S
Feedback And Tips Greatly Appreciated.
Thank you to @Daniel14 for the tips.


A little late I guess, but technically its still September 11th at the time of this post.


Delta operates B763’s with GE engines not RR. The colours on the widget on the tail should be flipped.


Pls pls pls change the font


Yaaaaay 2100 posts! We’re getting closer to 5K everyday


I’m really stuck on what I should make!


Albawings B737-500 is an idea


I’m order to boost relationships with the public and aviation enthusiasts FlyXEG has started a competition. Whoever sees this plane (Which has been painted in a special livery)

Needs to take a picture and upload it onto FlyXEG’s website. They will then have a chance to win £500 and free tickets to Paris!!!

Template by med


It’s been a while since I last made a livery and I do apologize for that. It’s just I’m sorta busy with stuff and haven’t really been bothered to make a livery too. So anyways here’s a Flybe livery concept.

Criticism is welcome! And template is by Med before I forget


No,they operated the SP too on routes like Dallas to Tokyo. They operate 777-200s now I think.


Oh yeah I forgot about the SP I knew they operated the -100 and not -200.


I don’t like where the logo is