Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


United Airlines B767-200
Aircraft Status: Destroyed in the 9/11 attacks while operating as UAL 175.
September 11th 2001 , 4 airliners operated by 2 American airlines (United and AA). United Airlines flight 175 was a scheduled flight to LAX from BOS, on this day the flight had only 56 passengers including the hijackers and 9 crew members. At 7:58AM the plane was pushed backed from its gate (G19). It then taxied to RWY 9 at 8:14AM the B762 began its takeoff roll roughly at this time AA 11 was hijacked. 8:37AM ATC advised UAL 175 about AA 11 and to look out for them. At 8:42-8:46AM the hijacking of UAL 175 commenced but this time unlike AA 11 the transponder was not switched off instead switched to a different mode. Just like AA 11 the Hijackers would make an announcement, then at exactly 9:03AM the B762 was flown straight into the WTC…

We keep everyone who died in this horrendous terrorist attack in our prayers for ever…

Click for HD,
Livery done by myself,
Template by Med.


Amazing job and detail on this! It truly was and is a sad day and will always be remembered.


Thanks I thought I would try out something new. There is only 3 as @JerryC is working on the 4th the AA B757.


There were four hijacked aircraft on 9/11 f I am not mistaken. 🤔


Yeah two that hit the WTC one hit the Pentagon another never made it to its target.


Sorry, since I don’t have my laptop until 8 o’clock, you can make American 77, the AA757.


Ah it’s too late I’ve just stopped for today and began to update my laptop so hopefully someone with decent quality can work on it.


In that case I will do it


Question. How do you choose the engine/winglet option on a template?


What software are you using, who’s templates are you using, are you using the .psd or the .png?
If you say .png, I will freak out.


I use the .psd for the liveries.


What software then?


What do you mean???


Like do you use Photoshop? Pixelmeter?


He means what program do you use to make your liveries


I use Pixelmator to do the liveries


Welp, can’t help you with that. I don’t use Pixelmator.
But it should be wherever you select the layer, just click yes for the engine and winglet layer.


I can help, Just PM me anytime and I would be glad to help ;) I use pixelmator


Oh. I got it now. Nvm


The new Stratus Airways “bright” Boeing 737-900ER

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