Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


Well then, I’ll PM him.



Yeah I was going for that look
Sence I started as a low cost airline


I know I behind in the conversation but I just woke up I think the reason why the quality has dropped is because school and this is my opinion as I think creators are dropping their quality as they are tired hence why Monday - Friday I only post 1 to 2 liveries until the weekend but I digress I can understand why you are leaving this thread not IFC I also get the feeling of me wanting to leave but that’s why I’ve slowly giving criticism.


I never knew American Airlines had 747s


Yeah they operated only the -100 variant though. Maybe the -200 but I don’t know if they did.


Turkish airline A321neo!


PLEASE Change the font


There you go that’s better


Look at this Turkish airlines ATR72!!!:p ;-)


I am considering leaving the IFC. I feel like there needs to be a thread on fictional airlines but ONLY for liveries. The IFC in my opinion does have some fundamental problems. In AE there are also things that I think is a problem. Maybe YouTube is the right path. At this moment in time I will be staying here.


Ok guys I am going to be working on an aircraft (custom) can anyone tell me how to make a reflection?


From the sun? Create a rectangle tool, blending options, opacity down to 50 or +.


im sorry don’t understand please take to pm


Welp, there are fundamental problems with this thread.
One: the mods. They want to protect everyone’s feelings, making it hard for critiques, most times also livery creators to feel welcome.
Two: the makers. They want to post just to post. Without perfecting their work at all, they just post. And that made the quality worse.
Three: leaving. Because of the two reasons above, a lot of people left. And without their quality liveries and criticisms, the quality drops even more.
I will stay. I don’t know for how long tho.


I agree there. I myself am going to admit sometimes my liveries are poor. But some people just post liveries with NO attention to detail, blurry decals, no precision and overall badness. BUT sometimes people do make brilliant liveries which are accurate and good!


This is an example of no attention to detail. Blurry tail. Font definitely in the wrong place. Not visible at all and please stop saying ‘Look at this plane’. Why do you say it? Your liveries can be decent but sometimes I feel like you took a template and just stuck logos on without paying much attention and without giving care. Also again! (You’ve done this before) Can you make sure the logo on the fuselage (the leaf thing or whatever) stays on the fuselage cuz it’s going on the tail!!! Again… No attention to detail. But anyways. If you do pay attention you can become a BRILLIANT livery maker as you have the foundations. But it’s these little things that make them bad. Also when people give you criticism (as I’ve done before) you say ‘yes I will do as you say’ then the next livery you don’t. So this time listen. Then you will become a really good livery creator. If you want more advice PM me.


Hello everyone.
As you may know, I took a break from this thread. I have been back for a few weeks, and I have been liking what I like and commenting here and there.
Sometimes, we have to take a break. I understand that.
When 4 of the main people on this thread say they are taking a break, when they say that there are fundamental problems, sure, I understand that.
Does it need to be said by everyone? No, I don’t think so.
I do love the feedback I have been seeing. I’m not complaining about that.
I’m simply here to remind everyone that this thread is about designing your own liveries. Not about what is wrong with the IFC. Not what is wrong with AE.
This thread is for fun.
I know I made a message when I left, and I announced it. However, I’m going to now kindly request that if you are leaving, that you quietly go.
We don’t need so many replies that the liveries themselves are actually getting lost and the point of this thread is going off topic.
I loved the old thread. The quality went up in a great deal.
This thread, we have the quality, and it’s still going up.
However, as I mentioned, when we have multiple people leaving because they see issues, they don’t need to comment on it every time.
I kindly ask that you quietly go if you do choose to go. Know you will be missed. People on this thread do appreciate you.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns and would like to talk to me about it, don’t do it here. DM me.

Thank you.


I made the PM. I will invite you right now.


@Daniel14 for great liveries and advice

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