Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


I’m sorry, but my mind is set, and it has been for quite a while. I’m leaving this thread not the IFC


You are leaving the IFC?!

EDIT: Just saw a few posts above.


:( sorry to see your departure.


I agree with @SkysTheLimit87 you here keeps the thread in ok shape.


Nope, not the IFC, just this thread.


Why would you go? You created the thread, this thread is becoming less active, so upset to see everyone go :(


I created this thread, and if he wants to leave it, so be it! The quality of the thread will increase again once more people like Daniel come along.


No no no no no no no I’m so not leaving the IFC I’m just leaving this thread 😂


You guys could make a PM thread for all of the quality creators so that you guys can share, and when you see work that really looks like something you can add them to that thread.


I believe they’ve already done that.
There used to be a “masters” thread but that got shut down.


It got closed, and I don’t want that. It gives me a chance here to critique others and help

@Daniel14 I know your not going


I will still watch this thread and critique liveries here and there but I just most likely won’t post any liveries, I might post tutorial videos here and there


I really don’t see a need for that kind of PM. One, you only get 500 replies, and two, this thread is basically that PM, but all members of the IFC can see it. I personally have no problem with the quality of this thread. It isn’t the best, however it is people sharing their creations. As you can see, people improve over time. When I first started making liveries, they were terrible. Now, they are way better. It just takes time.


i understand, i just started making liveries so this is all kind of new to me.


I think that was beautifully phrased. Sure, some may not be “too-notch” or what some of the “better” designers make, but this thread is for showcasing our creations and I love that it’s helping people improve.


Yours are really good though for just starting out 😊


thanks, I watched a couple of your tutorials, they really do help.


Then I will for sure be creating more soon then!


Yeah, but I feel like there are places I can actually get people to give me criticism. The PM isn’t a bad idea, and I’ll consider making a discord if there is interest.


Ok, sad to see you go :(