Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


The only reason they will reuploaded because it’s good


I just dont want other people claiming my work as theirs. i put the water mark in a place where it still allows u to see the template clearly.


I think the lines are a little too thick and the blue could be darker. Other than that it looks splendid. 👌


After Much contemplation, I’ve decided I’m leaving this thread. I will not be leaving the IFC at all. I’ve decided that I will only post my repaints on my Instagram only. I will occasionally stop by here and see how it is going and such. I still will observe and give likes to repaints I truly Like. I’ve decided to leave because lately the quality of some repaints are just slapping a logo on and nothing else. I’m not saying it is terrible, but that I think more work should be done. I will still be available to help and you can easily PM me anytime and I won’t mind at all 😊 This will be my final livery on this thread:

A Primera Air 737max 9:

Template: EDGE
Livery: Me

Thank you all!


Sad to see you go, you were a real inspiration to get into repainting.


Thank you so much for the kind words!


Can someone give me some inspiration


Here try this onedownload


Stratus Airways newest member of the fleet, the A330-300 with the new “Stratosphere” livery.
Livery from me
A Med template


There are no layers.


Did you download via Dropbox


You have to go the little download box at the top and hit direct download.


What device are you using?


Can you give me the full image


Oh you were serious, i was just joking


Template By Med
Feedback is greatly appreciated


I will not upload anything before or after I upload my PC-12 Template, (coming along) as I agree with the statements made by @Daniel14, @JerryC, and others.

I know I already said most of this. It is just an update.


:( please don’t go, it’s only gonna make the tread worse with people doctoring the thread.


Yes, but sometimes it feels like people are just posting liveries just to post, some of them are just logos pasted on them (not even moved below the layer for details)


That’s why we need people policing the thread and keeping it good.