Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


How do I select engine option?


Does anyone have any experience in creating aircraft templates? If you are willing to help me out, please PM me. I’m interested in making a Honda Jet template.


I surely learned my lesson.
Also, to @leftcoastwood, that Blueprint livery is so good!
Update on life: SSAT went great, so I have A LOT of free time now, I will be creating new liveries soon!


The front is done wrong, the engines are supposed to be gray, the registration is too small, and as @JT_Playz said, the shade of red is off


Well done @JerryC


Great drawings, but there is a separate thread made specifically for people who like to draw. (Remade) Suggest any Aircraft, We'll draw it!


That CRJ2 is beautiful


Oh, I have not seen that in a while so I forgot about it. I will move it there.


N664US is on AvWorld if you want to ask him for it


Ik. I’ll ask him when I need it.


I’d name it Pathz Airlines


Name what?


Northwest Orient B747-400
Aircraft Status: Stored at Delta Museum.
Airframe History: Involved in Rudder Hard Over accident while operating as NW 85

Another livery done on Photoshop



Best livery on a 744


I’m doing all the Northwest B744 liveries and then I will put them into a poster like thing.


thats cool 😃


The airline


Yeah which airline I haven’t seen a livery.


@beaverd do you mean what you’d name your own airline?