Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2

Skywind Airlines and Cloud Cargo Update
Skywind Cloud Cargo has taken delivery their first of ten MD-11 converted freighters, these aircrafts used to operate for Skywind Airlines until they where retired in 2012. The first MD-11CF touched down at LHR earlier today.

However its not so good news for Skywind Airlines as they have just retired their one & only A340-300 which made its last international flight for Skywind yesterday from YYZ - LHR. It made its last flight for Skywind earlier today for its storage at Tarbes in France back where Skywind Airlines took delivery of the Ex - Air China aircraft. The A340 also received a water cannon salute before its final departure from LHR. Thank you for your service.
Both liveries done by myself,
Both templates by Med.


Are you a professional artist? This is amazing!

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I am not in anyway professional in my opinion. I just keep passionate about my drawings and keep improving them!

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A airport better hire you to do advertising. Like this is good.

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Currently i’m working on this picture. I’ll try my best to recreate it

CREDIT: Dziennik Bałtycki

Edit: this one is a bit too hard to draw but I’ll find another one


Wrong place post here
Also they look like a filter we are not going to start this again. Show us progress on the other thread to prove you are drawing them please


Nice job using a filter.


If he didn’t use the filter then he drew over the photograph

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You can post here As well as I. The 1st topic it could be on paper

Also looking closely it look so like it was filter… imma try recreate one to see

So I reckon it’s filter as how come the background doesn’t look like paper and is just clear white? Now this is just quick editing

Credit: JetPhotos

But with a bit more effort and time I could make it look like that, I think it’s filter!

Also I think I might make this

again on another plane!


I’m giving him benefit of the doubt. Innocent until proven guilty.

Ooooof gettem’

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Praetex Air A318 Cool Filter! (SPOILER ALERT!)

Template by med


You right that does look cool

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Thanks @Cade_Flavin
Let’s get back on topic though

Finished Being Repainted

Template by MED
Livery by ME


That’s good,

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Airline: Purple Airbus a320
Registration: N208PA
Name: Proudly Purple
Livery: Geometry (1999-2010)

Now in the new livery, coming soon.

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Hmm Yes, this does look like a Filter, but we can’t prove anything yet.

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Guys, no more commenting on @SpeedPlayz or ‘proving’ that he didn’t draw them. Either PM him or settle this anywhere else but here.

I don’t want to have a mod hover their cursor over the close button for this thread.