Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


Here you can share your designs of aircraft, airlines and airline logos!

Change a real world livery, make it your own!


We recommend you use Med’s Templates. They are extremely high quality. (You need an account to view and download the templates).

Constructive Criticism

Here, we give constructive criticism. We like to see high quality liveries, and this can be achieved through giving tips on other members’ designs. If you rather not have criticism on your designs, just say so!

Remember, you can always just like a post to keep the thread clean!

Airline Logos

Most of us use Google for our logos. Make sure they’re transparent!

Recommended Programs

Most designers use Adobe Photoshop, Pixelmator for iOS, or

Pixelmator Tutorial

@Daniel14 has made a tutorial for the iOS app, Pixelmator. If you have any questions, feel free to contact him!

Pixelmator Tutorial

This is the second “Design Your Own Airline or Repaint” topic, the first had reached 10,000 replies.

When posting, please give credit to the template creator.

If you need help designing a livery, just ask! Plenty of members would love to help out!

Remember, be constructive with your criticism, and have fun designing your own airline or repaint!

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Ohmygod i thought there wasnt gonna be another one…


Nope! I got it covered. The topic lives on!


First repaint in this thread yay


Nice to see the topic has been restarted, lets see if it will be as great as the first one.


Good thing I bookmarked the old thread, I can see all the old memories there, but let’s make some new liveries here!


@SkysTheLimit87 continuing our discussion it didn’t look very good with a mask


Ah ok, good to know.


Infinite flight 787-8 Concept (orange)
This is the second one I mentioned on the old thread


Infinite Flight 787-8 Concept (green)
This will be the last on this aircraft unless asked to do an other one.
What do you want to see now?


@Matt737 I might recommend setting this off watching, or your gonna get a whole heack of a lot of notifications… 😂


Have you done fusha pink?


That’s the only ones I have done


I was “watching” the other topic, and got a notification of every reply, but thanks anyways!


Blue High Sky in “More To Love” livery for @Deltabro made with another livery with “More To Love” on

Edit: any requests? c:


Really whare? I don’t see it anywhere?


Oh, well, have fun with that… 😂


I ment that the ones posted there plus a blue one are it here is a pink on though.

787-8 Infinite Flight (pink)


Oh, I must have missed it…


Thats the first time I posted it