Desert to green (First long-haul flight in 5 months)

Yesterday did an amazing sceneries flight from Las Vegas-McCarran international airport to Beijing-Capital international airport, as part of the Las Vegas flyout hosted by @Plnelovr. Beautiful Western and North Western American scenery, Canadian scenery, Alaskan scenery and Chinese scenery on descent. T’was my first long hauler in 5 months, and I did it happily enjoying the scenery. Anyways I hope the photos are enjoyable!!!

Aircraft and Route details

Aircraft: 789 (787-9)
Airline: Air China (Originally meant to be Hainan Airlines but could not find any in the 787-9, nor any other aircraft. So I took this one instead).
Callsign: Air China 7970 (Again originally meant to be Hainan 7970)
Time of journey: 13h
Server: Expert

Banking shortly after departure from McCarran airport, Charleston Peak in-sight

Passing through Oregon, just south of Portland airport. We have Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainer, Ives/Gilbert Peak and Mount Hood. yayyyyy!!

Passed Washington, now into the South Western Canada, just west of Vancouver, over Vancouver islands. We are over some mountains, and in the far distance: Mount Waddington, Silverthrone mountain, and Mount Vishnu. (I don’t know if they are those mountains, all I can say is British Columbia have amazing mountains!)

ahh yes good ol’ Alaskan mountains, never lets me down.

ok I hit the fast-forward button and suddenly now in China!!! Descending to Beijing, and these are some hills and mountains north east of Beijing.

finally, after a long 13h journey, we are on final approach to Beijing-capital airport, with Mangshan national forest park and a bunch of other forest parks in the background.


Just amazing, thats all I can say ;)

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Thank very much!

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