Desert Flight To Vegas



Southwest 737-700 Illinois One Livery
My friend who isn’t on the community a 737-800 southwest old Livery

This was a fun route for a short time crunch. I aborted takeoff at 115knots because I didn’t have English thrust to take off so I circled back and got a fantastic view of him at takeoff. As I got back to the runway for attempt #2 I realize engine #1 is off. I turn it back on and takeoff. Departing is see a aircraft at 6000 on the map forgetting Reno is at a high altitude I nearly collide with him but I didn’t. I then flew for a hour over awesome Nevada scenery before landing into Las Vegas you could see the highly lit airport from its runways. I landed second and taxied to the gate with my friend who was a good 50NM ahed of me for the flight.
And remember what happened in Reno stays in Reno lol


Last picture is da bestttttt yess o my yes

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The last photo is me submission for the drawing completion for @Qantas094


Oh though I did

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Oh well I have to say it’s amazing

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Great pictures!

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Nice photos but please move the post to #screenshots-and-videos

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Thanks for the awesome feed back guys

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Awesome photos and thanks for sharing, if these are this good, I want to see your next ones.

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I might do one this weekend when I do a long haul overnight

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Or when I replay the
Flight I did a few weeks back from Dubai to Brisbane with a Emirates a380
And I actually deleted it by mistake.

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