Describe This In 100 Words! (IF Version)

Ok, so I’m not good at explaining, but I’ll try…

So, here’s the question you have: What is DTIOW?
Basically, ASAP, I will post a picture or tell you to describe something in exactly in 100 words. Easy, right? Nope. Here are the rules:

  1. The more grammar issues you have, the less likely you’ll get chosen as the winner.

  2. You must count how many words you used. Example:
    Word Count: 100 words
    Note: BE HONEST. If I count different words then you, you are immediately out, even if you say 99 and its really 100.

Remember, this is IF related things only.

And if you win:

You will become a judge, along side me, and help me chose the winner.

You will also be able to chose the next “Describe This In 100 Words”

Note: Winners will be sent a P.M.

What I will do to chose the winner:

  1. Look at how many errors are in the post.

  2. If #1 doesn’t work, it will be based on likes.

  3. If #2 doesn’t work, I will do a poll.

  4. If #3 doesn’t work, I will chat with the Judge Team and decide who is the winner.

Let the games begin…

P.S. I got this idea from a MMO game that had this, so:

Inspired by an MMO game.

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Where is the picture?

Its coming later this evening. This is just about the game.

Yeah, It is 11PM, what do you mean LATER?

Alright, tomorrow then.

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Unless you have suggestions, but hey:
It’ll work out in the end.