Describe Infinite Flight In 100 Words!

All about this game is in this topic:

So, for a simplified version, just describe IF in as much detailed as you can in only 100 words. Remember to count the words before posting. Also place a “Word Count: XXX words” after the description (e.g. Word Count: 100 words).

The winner will be revealed ASAP. Maybe tomorrow.

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It is good.

(Word count: 3)

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it’s realistic, fun, and lacks the unprofessionalism in games that call themselves “simulators”

Hello people, 100 words. Not 3 or 25, 100.

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It is the best flight simulator ever! Great aircraft, awesome regions! Not to mention the graphics!

16^ :P

1V1, 2:30 bike racks.

The best flight sim out there. Live makes this simulator unique. Seeing others fly and having your friends fly is amazing. The updates that come out help this app improve. From adding the realistic ground effect to changing the engine sound. The work the Devs put into the sim is amazing. I know they are trying there hardest to make it as real as it can get. I get why they can’t add 3D buildings, cars on the road, etc. Then the community they have is amazing too. Here you can find people that range from teens wanting to become pilots to pilots that can give information to others. Then the help people give to some is so much that I can’t even buy awards for every single one. Message by Bulba
Word count 133

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…the heck?

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I’ll give you credit, even though its not close to 100. You are in the lead so far.

Infinite Flight is good. It is so good that it could be considered better than good. Flying Development Studio has created a good mobile flight simulator. In my opinion, I would classify Infinite Flight as a good application. On the other hand, Infinite Flight is lacking several important features that must be added before its rating could be increased from Good to Very Good. Hot Air Balloons must be added before the 3rd quarter of 2016 and quickly follow up with blimps in Q4. This is the only way to differentiate and stay ahead of other available mobile flight simulators.

(Word Count: 100)


Um, you will get the “Most Funniest” badge. I’ll think about this post…

Maybe go pick the sort of fights where you get physically hurt.

Um, what do you mean?

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A google search of “what does 1V1 mean” shows that it is yet another way to say “Fight me” (When was this phrase coined? What was the logic behind it?).

Fight me

2:30 (Time)

at the bike racks.

Basically, fight me at the bike racks.

Not sure how this is relevant though…


its not a competition to see who can get 100 words. it just seems like you’re trying to be subtly malicious, but you’re not very good at it.

I am not trying to hurt or criticize anyone, I’m just doing this for fun. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. I respect your opinion. I know people are joking around, and I’m fine with that, I just want some people to really try, not just joke around.

Ah. there we go. “Fun”. it suddenly makes sense now.

Look, I just started this, if you don’t like it, I respect your opinion. I don’t blame you, yes, I could improve the “game”, but for now, i just seeing how it works out.

I saw that you respect my opinion the first time.

Yes, and I honestly do.