Describe Global in 5 Words or Less

Quickly before, this may belong in #live, not sure.

Now god start! Basically my science teacher makes us describe things we see when we are doing activities like discection in 5 words or less.

Now Global is impossible to describe because FDS did such a great job. Now here’s the challenge, describe it in 5 words or less.

This is a little way of us telling the developers how much Global means to us.

Without further ado: Simply stunning to the eye.

This is pointless! How was that? Oh you said global not this post.


Global is Awesome (so good it just needs 3 words)

Describe useless topic in 5 words or less: This one


Global is just the best

Sorry couldn’t understand what you said.

If you think it’s pointless I respect your opinion. I just don’t see how it is, it’s a fun challenge.

What about global haikus? Or global limericks? Global quatranes? Global trochaic tetrometer?

Topics on the forum are meant to encourage discussion. When your post cannot be more than 5 words, it does not promote discussion.

Ehhhh good point. Didn’t think of that. Just gonna flag my topic now.

“Global = My Life”