Ya ya I know there’s a TOD thumbnail on how to decent but it’s way to confusing for me. Could someone just brake it down and give me an easier explanation in how to properly decent. Right now I reach my cruise and when it’s time to land I straight away put in 1,000ft on the auto pilot. I don’t decent in chunks or anything and I know that’s wrong. Please help with this.

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There’s plenty of info to be found in the #tutorials in regards to descending correctly. This thread has some info that you should find helpful: How to compute the TOD (Top of Descent) - Thumb rule

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The TOD indicates at how many you need to start to descend to get to your desired altitude.

For descent, you have to multiply your Ground Speed by 5:

GS 460x5= 2300.
GS 440x5= 2200.
GS 420x5= 2100.
GS 400x5= 2000.
GS 380x5= 1900.
GS 360x5= 1800.
GS 340x5= 1700.
GS 320x5= 1600.
GS 300x5= 1500.
GS 280x5= 1400.
GS 260x5= 1300.
GS 240x5= 1200.
GS 220x5= 1100.
GS 200x5= 1000.

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Yes tat is to confusing

Keeping it simple that link 3 posts above is really good. Don’t forget to check field elevation or make sure you cross check with AGL. Also in that link you divide by 3 because its assuming a decent angle of 3 degrees. So if you want to dump the nose to get down faster and can maintain the proper speed you can divide by 4, 5, 6, ect which reflects your degrees nose down.

If that’s confusing let me know, I can try to explain it another way.

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Here yea please. So what’s ur flight plan from KSAN to KLAX? and then tell me what altitude you must be at at each wait point. That’s the easiest way I’ll understand. Please


In the real world, flights from LAX-SAN fly at 11,000 ft and from SAN-LAX you fly at 10,000 ft

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Okay and how do they decend? Do they just straight away put the auto pilot to 0 or what? How do they decend

There isn’t an exact way to descend, they only descend when ATC tells them

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Okay yes they tell them “decent and maintain bla bla” but in our game when there isn’t any approach or departure or center as atc we are only stuck with the tower of our curtain airport. Then what? When there is no one to tell you to decent and maintain. How do you decent?

I dont know if this helps, but here is a fancy hand drawn picture…(bored at work)


So run the math in your head while your flying along, start your decent when it’s the right time and contact tower when you’re in range.

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Thank you. So basically don’t decent in chunks just go all the way down?

You can descent in chunks, but it’s more efficient to do it all at once

Yea if approach isn’t controlling you. But if you are under approach’s control follow their instructions, make sure you still run the math on a decent and if they are not telling you to descend at a fast enough rate shoot them a radio call asking for lower.

To help you all: :D