Descent to Pattern Altitude

Hi guys, I just reached grade 3 and today on a flight I was told to go down to pattern altitude, which is 1500 feet. I thought it was little but I did it, okay?
By the way, very good the controller, I think it was called IFAE ADR or something like that.
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What altitude where you at, when ATC instructed you to descend to pattern altitude?

3.500 ft. Entering into base on final approach.

Where you inbound, or had you been remaining in the pattern previously?

No, is inbound

Almost positive I was the controller.


The command is supposed to be used for actual pattern altitude you are correct. However, due to a lack of “descend to intercept altitude” as an available command, it is occasionally used for inbounds in IF, generally for those that like to wait until the last second to descend below 10k (although that doesn’t seem to be the case here).

Although it is indeed lower than your typical intercept altitude, it is always okay to be below the glideslope (barring terrain, obviously). You can always fly level to meet it. The reverse, being above the glideslope, is never good practice.


Yes! Was you! A very good controller.

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Thank you men.

I found you in my replay. You were entering left base and you stopped your descent at 4000ft for a few nautical miles, so I just told you to keep descending.

Oh, good. Thanks you! You are a very good controller.

Yep! @Trio, you did awesome! I was in an Argentina 738, you prob didn’t even recognize me, you were certainly very busy!

(Sorry for being off topic)


No problem! Hahha.

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