Descent timings

Good morning,

I thought I’d share a quick tip.

I’ve always used my Distance to Destination on IF to calculate my decent rate (Making sure i’m at 18,000ft @50nm from the airport prior to contacting approach) but sometimes the distances haven’t matched up.

I now use IFATC.Org, find the airport that i’m heading too and click on the Number of Total A/C inbound. Then scroll down to find your callsign. There it will give you an exact distance to the airport.

See pictures for an example.

Hope this helps some people out.

That’s a good idea, although a decent calculator is kind of easier to use.

Try this one: Descent Calculator

Yeah I agree, the main point is to get an exact distance you are from the airfield. My example shows me as over 200nm with my flight plan, however I was actually 50nm closer then what I thought, and to aim to get to FL180 at 50nm before contacting Approach.

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