Descent Rates

I am curious and wanted to know the descent rates for landing. A slow descent and fast descent. Please let me know!

Hello, these rates change greatly on speed, weight, altitude etc. so ill give you about what I see on my regular basis

but regularly the decent rate for landing is 3 degrees, which is roughly -800fpm for a normal glideslope. For take-off, it is about 600 fpm pulling back, and 1200fpm when the back wheels are up.


Ok thank you!

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During my climb, I do 2000 feet per minute is that ok?

yes that is ok, just dont exeed 2400fpm and you’ll be fine.

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2400 is exceeded quite often…


Hello mate! Here is a tutorial made by Tyler, I am sure it’s helpful for you! Enjoy flying!


And since you brought it up in the replies, here’s an additional tutorial from Tyler for climbing:


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