Descent rates

I fly an a333 around the socal region at fl300. What would a good decent rate be? I hear of cargo aircraft sinking at 2000 fpm.

At lower altitudes I usually descend around 1,000ft a minute. I don’t usually fly at such high altitudes though.

Start 90 nm out at 1500-1800 depending on speed try and be 20,000 ft AGL at 60 nm put decend to 10,000 AGL at 30 nm then change to 1,000 fpm until 10 nm you should be roughly 3000 ft AGL then decend at 500 fpm to the runway. That’s what I do anyway

I know one thing: divide the cruising altitude by the decent rate and the answer is how far away in minutes you need to descend.

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This seems resolved. Way to with helping each other out. :)