Descent rate warning lights

When your flying a plane (most likely jets) and the pilot is descending at a high rate warning lights in the cockpit usually appear . This is a sign to the pilot to descend at a slower rate For Example :


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And please tell me the sense of this post?

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I dont get the point, you mean that it should be done on IF?


yes , for realism

It is not that easy, it takes time and money :/

its for realism

and it should be in features but i do not know how to put it there

I know but who knows, maybe in a future update ;)

@Noroftheair don’t change the category, he’s not allowed to make requests yet :)


yeah , thats what i mean

This would be great though.

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I’d love to have that feature, I’ll wait :)

especially for online . Some people are lazy and do not want to go around so they try to go nose down . Thats not realistic

Hi! Your a basic user. Please wait to make requests until you are a member. When you are a member, post your requests in #features.

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Exactly ;)