Descent rate calculator - wanna help?

Hey guys! My friend and I are working on a neat little descent rate calculator for iOS and Android. It’s not the one in the screenshot. The ones out there seem to be a little more on the ugly side and we wanna change that, and hopefully create something that isn’t just pretty but useful.

That’s where you can help if you want. The screenshot attached, is from a descent rate calculator from the App Store. Is that one useful? What would you add/remove? It would be really great to get input from the community and show you progress as we work on it.



Looks good! Keep it up! I would maybe make the text a little smaller because it looks a bit big!

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It would be better if you could introduce different speeds, for example I am going to decent from FL300 to 5.000 feet. So usually i will start descending at 300kts and before srriving to FL100 I would slow down to 250kts or maybe less. If the application was taking that as a factor also it would be great.


I would like something that gets from the sim the following in real time : Gs, altitude, time and distance to destination, so that once you set your target altitude it computes automatically the required V/S in teal time. It would adjust as the pilot would adjust his speed just as I do with my poor head and rule of thumb! Seems feasable to me, but I am no expert alas.
Keep it up anyway, looks a good project to me!


Oh! Sorry if I wasn’t clear. This one isnt ours, I’m just showing an example of what’s out there. I want ours to be waaaay better than that 😊

Great idea! I was thinking of that too.

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This might help yee Descent Formulas - Google Docs

Thanks for sharing! 👌🏼

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absolutely agree. Real time calculations would be the most useful; this app wouldn’t offer too much (it’s not that difficult calculate the parameters incrementally).

however, it would be great to have this real time extension appear in the HUD itself, but if not possible, accessible from another device all together (and gather flight data from LiveFlight for example) since it wouldn’t be convenient to constantly open/close IF to see the calculations


@Darkfleabag. MaxSez: Try this it free…

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