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Question for some of you more seasoned folks out there-
In real life, IFR flights are easy to descend down to the airport because of LNAV and ATC, but in the game, is there an easier way to know when to descend down? Can you fly STARs meeting altitude requirements?
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Edit: I suppose I should mention I’m flying on the casual server.


Yes. You can. But you would have to put the waypoints in yourself from looking at charts. However if there’s approach and you’re on expert. Follow their instructions. Not your FLP:)


There are tons of topics on the topic as well:

And many more.


That’s so great. Thank you

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When descending, I take my current flight level and subtract my desired flight level from that. Then, divide the difference by 3 and you have your distance in nm for how far from the waypoint you need to begin descent. You can also multiply your Mach speed by 3 and multiply the product by 1000 to get your descent rate.

Also, new in 19.4, theres a line that appears on your map that tells you where you will reach your desired altitude, which is very useful when descending via a STAR.

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Glad to see a new guy on the sim taking it seriously!

This is correct, unless (highly recommend it, built by one of our mods) automatically implements it into the generated flight plan. This doesn’t happen very often, though.

There are some tutorials on descending. Check out some of these:

Descent Tutorials

Calculating Top of descent (For beginners) using 2 step approach

How to compute the TOD (Top of Descent) - Thumb rule

How to descend (For Beginners) in a simple way

Once you get to Expert and you’re flying into an airport with an Approach frequency, follow their instructions.

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No problem! Searching for ”Top of decent“ or following the linked topics on the ones I shared above should take you to even more posts about this.

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@MarshallDT96. MaxSez The APP “In Flight Assistant” among other thing provides a Flight Plan Profile Capability for Altitude and speeed.
TOD the EZWay, on the Web search for “ precision descent profile”
at “
Good Luck, Max


Here’s what I do, if you don’t want to do the SID/STAR then this is easy:
Take you cruising altitude (34,000 ft for example) and divide it by 2, you get 17,000 so start descending at -2,000 FPM when your ETE is at 17:00. At 55 miles ish, drop your speed to 250 knots and slowly descend to be at 3500 ft AGL when entering the approach cone

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For descending I do this:

So say the STAR requires me to be at FL130 at TABUK, and I am cruising at FL250. That means I need to go down 12000ft. Typical a320 family descent vs is -2400/300. So I divide 12000 by 2400 which equals = 5. This means that I have to descend 5 minutes before I reach TABUK. I usually add on an extra minute too account for winds etc. Meaning that I would start descending 6 minutes from TABUK. After that, I would’ve plugged in all my altitudes for different waypoints into IF-A, setting me up for an ILS or RNAV approach.


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