Descent Question

I wanna how you guys usually descend, from Cruise altitude to final approach.
I usually reduce speed to 240kts IAS in all the descend until final approach, which I reduce speed for final.
I wanna know speeds, the rest I already know

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Tyler can explain it better than I can. Here’s a video tutorial on it!


I put in some altitudes (knowing beforehand what I need to descend to), and VNAV will take care of the rest.

Here’s my descent thinking: I want to be at around 10000ft when ETE is about 10 mins. When you pass 280, your ETE is maybe 13-14 mins. The ETE will keep shaving off time as you descent so that’s when you lose speed by 10 kts at a time. Depending on how far you are from the airport, 250 or below is the speed to aim for at 10000ft.


240kts is really slow. I’ll take the 77W for example.

0.84 is the cruise speed, i’d go to 0.82 starting descent

After passing FL280, I got 280-290kts, then 270kts after passing FL200.

After that, I usually rely on the STAR Charts which usually include the speeds.


Depends on the aircraft but typically cruise to 12000ft at 290kts

At 12000ft reduce vs to 1200fpm and 250 kts

Continue at 250kts until about downwind leg, then I configure for 200 kts, and then 180 on base

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Yeah, im looking for the most realistic descent

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Standard is like 280-300, 250 below 10000. STARs often have speed limits anyways though

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If the plane is a heavy, I usually put the speed at M 0.80 when I start descending. Then after I pass FL280, I put the speed at 300 KIAS. As I get closer to 10,000 ft, I put the speed at 250 KIAS. For a smaller aircraft, I put the speed at M 0.76 at initial descent. At FL280, I put the speed at 275 KIAS. Approaching 10,000 ft, I put the speed at 250 KIAS.

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Since this topic is still open, I’d like to ask a question regarding aircraft pitch while descending.

I decided to go back and watch Tyler’s tutorial that Suhas linked above, and while watching I noticed at 6:17 while Tyler is descending, his aircraft is pitched down as seen in the screenshot below.

I’ve always flown under the random assumption that during descent, airspeed and vertical speed are managed so that the aircraft pitch remains at or above the two thick bars in the middle (not sure exactly what they’re called). So my question is do aircraft normally descend in such a manner like Tyler is above with a significant downward pitch, or is the aircraft pitch supposed to stay at or above nuetral? I understand there probably isn’t a one rule fits all, but are there any guidelines for aicraft pitch that someone could inform me of?

Hopefully that made sense, if someone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

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