Descent phases and speeds


Before going any further, I would like to thank every members of the community who took the time to create Tutorials. I’ve spent hours on them today and it really helped a lot :D

Nevertheless, I couldn’t find one information concerning descent.

What are the different phases of a descent? Should we go from 36,000ft to 0ft directly? Or from FL360 to FL200* and maintain before going down again to FL100* etc…

Same interrogation regarding the speed; when to slow down from crusing speed to 280kts*… 250*… 220*… etc

(*Those are random altitudes and speeds)

I hope that I have been understood. English isn’t my main langage, I’m doing my best haha!

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Look through this… it should help you :)

These may help you also

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I personally go down to 12,000 slow down to 230-240 then go down to intercept altitude.

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I already know the calculations, thanks anyway :)

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