Descent into TNCM

Hey, so I was wondering do you guys think that starting my descent 16 mins out at -2000 vs is reasonable? Thanks!

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I usually start my descent when 19 mins out at -1600 vs.

But yes it is reasonable.

Cruising altitude - 3000 + local airport altitude. Divide by VS amount.

For ex.

Cruising at 39000 feet, do 39000-3013 = 35,987 (add 13 because TNCM altitude is 13 feet)

35,987/2000 = 17.99 (round to 18) - meaning descend at 18 mins. 270 knots below 20,000 and 240 knots below 12,000. Adjust speed and VS depending on variables.

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Iā€™m following Swiss001ā€™s instructions from his video.

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I think yes, do not forget to reduce your throttle too !

I usually put the cruise altitude x3 (for ex. FL350 x3 = 105NM) and I add another 20NM. VS usually -1800

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