descent in airbus and boeing planes

When i descent with a B-777 300 ER from flight level 370 at 280 knots i find my plane to be descending straight but when i do the same with a A-330 or A-320 at similar speed and descent rate the pitch of my nose is way below down which looks scary and unrealistic . is there a problem with the descent rates of airbus or am i doing anything wrong ?

What’s your mach speed?

It all depends on the aerodynamics of the plane in IF, the 757 is the best example of that.

I wouldn’t think much of it honestly, we all deal with the same thing, it is just that you need to make sure when you are on final approach your flare angle won’t result in a nose first landing :)

If you’re asking if different planes behave different aerodynamically, yes, of course they do. Are you utilizing trim? Those planes have completely different trim profiles in my experience (I don’t know if that’s a real term, but hopefully it’s evident what I mean).

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