Descent and speed restrictions

So a scenario came up today where I was told to “Please follow instructions”. I was already in a descent to 4000’ per the controller. He then said “Do not exceed 170 knots”. I was just below 8000’ at 250KIAS. I had to drastically reduce my descent rate and deploy spoilers. Once I got close to flap limits, I deployed them as well. Slowing through 192KIAS about a minute later I got those words no-one likes to hear.

It got me thinking of real world scenarios. If you are within 10-30 knots a controller will ask you to not exceed a certain speed because of time required to slow. I my case I had 80 knots to lose and I just couldn’t do it safely that fast. When real life controllers need for you to be in a certain place or at a certain speed based on traffic flow, they issue the following: “Slow to 200, then descend and maintain 4000’” or “Descend and maintain 4000’ then reduce speed to 200”

Is there a way to add that feature into the ATC function within IF? Just curious.



Maybe that should be in features if I’m not mistaken

So a few things here. First, I’m not sure if what you’re asking would be possible just because of how the ATC UI currently is - it would probably be a bit overcomplicated for the controller to give all of that in one instruction. I’d love to see it as it supports realism but I wouldn’t expect it.

Second, when it comes to your speed, I agree that slowing from 250 to 170kts quickly could be a bit unreasonable. However, you have to consider the airsapce you’re in. It’s likely that the plane in front of you was also around 170kts. From the controller’s side, it’s greatly appreciated if you begin to slow down to the speed the plane in front of you is at before adequate spacing is lost.

I’m also assuming this was at KDCA or KCLT, which were both extremely busy today. When the airspace is so crowded, controllers don’t really have time to slow everyone down step-wise (like 250–>220–>200–>170). So we also appreciate if you begin to gradually slow down yourself as you near the final approach (something like 220kts on mid-late downwind, 200 on base, 180 or less when cleared for the approach). Thanks for reading!


After talking with the controller from today, I can see where you’re coming from as this is a game and really not able to be “real” time. I guess I need to slow down and realize this is just a simulation and not real life, so I will take that into account going forward. I was just flying as I would in real life. I’ve got to separate the two and realize this is just a game and there are people on here just having fun and not real pilots. Thanks for clarifying! This is good conversation!



You’re not alone. I think this feature request for a Level Change mode in the AP, to pitch to maintain IAS while climbing or descending, is something that could be a potential solution to this problem:

The idea is good but the realization of this project can be complicated to achieve …

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