Hi guys,

I would like to know when to start decending at about 32000 - 35000ft?



if you have vnav on you should get to your planned cruise altitude and activate it one minute before calculated descent


I use VNAV but I have to fill out the altitudes myself.

But I don’t really know when to start decending.

do you have STAR and approach selected from the airport menu when selecting it from the map?

you engage VNAV once the button says 10NM/ the VNAV tab down there says 1 minute

Yes I use them, should I use those altitudes?

yes you should use the pre-given altitudes for a realistic approach

But when I do use those the altitudes are still at like 12000ft when I’m really close to the airport.

did you add a runway approach after the STAR?

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Yes I did.

But it’s not aligned with the red rectangle thing.

that’s weird… the automatically added altitudes and waypoints should lead you to the runway… what airport are you approaching?

Mumbai. The GPS line doesn’t start from the start of the red rectangle.

it doesn’t have to start at the rectangle. it has to at least be straight a bit before the runway.

Ok, and why should I activate VNAV 1 min before?

just to be safe that you’re active while descend starts. i doubt you want speed violations on accident

So I do the SID for departure and STAR for approach? On the procedures?

yes. SID is for departure, STAR is for approach and then there’s the runway approaches to help you get down.

And this for runway approach?