Descending with the A346

I am not any physics expert but in such low vertical speed, is it supposed the A346 look like that when descending?


It’s a bit steep. You’re going pretty fast for this flap configuration. I would suggest waiting with the flaps until you’re going slower and are on a lower altitutde.

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I have no references for flaps for this aircraft… :(

Here are some flap limits for the A340:

1 - 255 kts
1+F - 215 kts
2 - 205 kts
3 - 186 kts
F - 180 kts

All flap and gear speed limits:

200 knots seems a little high for flaps FULL…I would think around the 160-180kt range

This is from Airbus, was a bit surprised as well. They are limitations so I would stay around 20 kts under the limits.

this might help:

I am an apologist of that happens because it (A340) looks like a straight line when in the cruise altitude… have you ever seen the A350, A330, B777 when in cruise altitude?

Physics are also off for the A340


Oh ok! For a while, I really thought that I was the only one facing that issue…

Maybe this topic can help you. All Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Profiles (Version 20.1 Wiki!)

But these are the limits, which means it is not for normal use, it is the limits before the flaps get broken!

There is nothing showing what your vertical speed is set to, but bear in mind this plane is very old with outdated physics

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I don’t think the problem is how you fly it, but to the fact that this model is very old and outdated in IF. The physics are in dire need of a rework, similarly to how the 757 was before its rework. At the moment the a340 is almost unflyable through no fault of your own.

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-1000 in the first

-1400 in the second…

Honestly, I don’t think this is an issue with your configuration. It’s very hard to descend with the A346. I always I have to go nose down to descend,

The best thing you can try is flying the A346 way slower than IRL. When you decrease the speed, eventually the nose will point upwards on approach. I usually land the A345 at around 120-135 kts to get a better result. Hope these tips can help you.

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